A simple react a11y Emoji component

Florian Prz

A simple Emoji component written in react with a focus on accessibility

Emojis are cool, right? Everyone ❤️ emojis, but screen readers have a different opinion about the subject. For those who don’t already know, there are two attributes very useful to help screen readers: adds a string label to an element, it’s useful in cases that the text label is not visible on the screen. (From MDN): Adding aria-hidden=“true” to an element removes that element and all of its children from the accessibility tree. This can improve the experience for assistive technology users…

Playing with Go, Functions as a parameter

Florian Prz

Learn how to use functions as a parameter in golang and why it's an important toolset for improving your development skills

There are a few things very terrifying for beginners when we are learning to code. One of them is passing functions as a parameter to other functions. Functions are first class values in Go: Like other values, functions values have types, and they may be assigned to variables or passed to or returned from functions. A function value may be called like any other funcion. - The Go Programming Language, Alan A. A. Donovan, Brian W. Kernighan Have you ever wonder why do we pass functions in the…

Understanding the empty interface in Go

Florian Prz

The empty interface is a powerful tool in go. Learn how to take advantage of its uses

First of all, to know more about interfaces, I suggest reading How to use interfaces in go and Go Data Structures: Interfaces. Now, what’s with The empty interface? Let’s say we are developing some sort of output printing library. This way, we start thinking on how to design our Print function. The function needs to receive some value(s) and then pass the result to the standard output. Let’s see this with an example (go playground link): But what happen if we want to print a Number? or a more…

How I stay productive working at home

Florian Prz

These are the key points that help me stay productive working remotely

One of the challenges (among others) we face working at home is being productive. In terms of productivity, not everything works with everyone. I’ve learned the hard way few lessons in the past few years that I want to share. Some of them may appear silly but believe me that these changes were a huge step forward in my productivity. It is important to get dressed every morning As I said, maybe it seems silly, but it’s easy to start neglecting everyday activities, for example, is tempting being…

From Graphic Design to Development

Florian Prz

A post about how and why I started my late career transition from Design to Development

I don’t know how many of you have changed careers at 40 (years old, not Km per hour). It’s not only scary but also hard. Every morning and I really mean every f. morning I wake up with the same thoughts. But before to start with that let me explain how I ended here in the first place. My background. I am nobody. I don’t have a degree with excellent grades, nor I became a billionaire at 12 with my first business. For family reasons I had to start working before finishing my studies, but I’m very…

Hello World

Florian Prz

The first post on my personal gatsby blog

There is no blog without Hello World post. Be aware this site is a work in progress project, mainly used as a testing playground with gatsby and react. Cover image by Karine Germain @unsplash