Full name

Florian Pérez


Florian Prz, Flrn Prz, Flrnprz


Art director & Software developer

Last known location

Barcelona Granada


Born in Granada, Spain.

His first programming steps started when he was a child with an 8-bit MSX, but nothing serious. He's not one of those geniuses. Just a child with nine years old how learned BASIC and some z80 ASM.

Always had a thing for technology and computers. But he also loved everything hand-crafted and arts. Because he couldn't finish his Computer Science degree, he decided to study Graphic Design & Photography instead.

Moved to Barcelona where he worked as freelance Art director for some Advertising agencies and some big brands like Honda, Seat, Equivalenza, Tarik Ediz, TBS, to name a few, but also proud of working for small clients too.

For personal reasons moved back to Granada, but he saw an opportunity and opened a Graphic Design studio: brdt Studio, specialized in Branding, Packaging and Advertising Photography. A couple of years later brdt Studio closed its doors.

Life and his personal situation forced him to explore new professional paths. Again he saw in this situation another opportunity to comeback to software development, where he is right know, trying to combine his design skills with development to forge a new career.


Pencil, Paper, Good ideas, Shit ideas, typography passionate, anttention to details, self-taught and curious person.


Any kind of visual design, Branding, Art direction, and work in progress software development.

About this site

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